*there’s more things than you can do than what is listed…no more cups please*


  1. Painting a Fence
  2. Shining Shoes
  3. Re-shelving Books
  4. Washing Windows
  5. Fixing a Bike/Car/Scooter
  6. Fixing a Radio/Laptop/Remote Controlled Car
  7. Sweeping/Vacuuming/Mopping
  8. Chopping Wood
  9. Sharpening Knives
  10. Cleaning the Fish Tank/Kitty Litter/Dog Shit


  1. Pulling Taffy
  2. Shelling Peas
  3. Making Kimchi
  4. Baking *sigh* Cookies [preferably any other food would be better]
  5. Kneading Dough


  1. Knitting/Crocheting…anything
  2. Embroidery/Cross-Stitch
  3. Sewing on a button
  4. Rebinding a Book
  5. Typing a Book
  6. Taking Pictures with an Actual Camera
  7. Writing a Letter [with a wax seal and everything]
  8. Making a Sculpture
  9. Painting with Oils/Watercolor/Acrylic
  10. Whittling
  11. Making Balloon Animals
  12. Decorating for a Birthday Party
  13. Scrapbooking
  14. Making Paper Airplanes


  1. Swatting at a Fly
  2. Flying a Kite
  3. Fishing
  4. Bowling
  5. Making a Snowman/Snow-Fort
  6. Climbing a Tree/Rock/House
  7. Picking Flowers
  8. Planting Flowers
  9. Building a Fire
  10. Playing Frisbee/or God forbid…Frolf
  11. Throwing a Ball
  12. Shooting Clay Pigeons
  13. Setting up a Booby Trap
  14. Archery

Self Care

  1. Plucking your Eyebrows
  2. Putting on Make Up
  3. Rolling a Joint
  4. Putting up your Hair
  5. Filing your Nails
  6. Painting your Nails
  7. Brushing your Teeth



Near Space Work
involves touching part of your body

Intermediate Space Work
involves creating a shape in space

Far Space Work
involves crossing the stage